20 Pupils Packed In Tico Taxi

The 20 pupils packed like Sardine in a Tico taxi cab on the Tamale Highway

The 20 pupils packed like Sardine in a Tico taxi cab on the Tamale Highway

ABOUT 20 PUPILS were spotted packed in a taxi cab on the Kumasi to Tamale highway last week.

DAILY GUIDE reporters saw the shocking spectacle at Gulumpe near Dawadawa on the Tamale/Kumasi Highway in the Northern region on Friday.

The pupils had closed from school, but it seemed the Tico taxi cab was the only available means by which they could go home.

The front and back seats of the taxi were stuffed with the school children, some of whom were as young as six years old.

Some of the pupils were seen sitting on the laps of their colleagues.

The paper also spotted some of the pupils sitting at the back of car in a dangerous manner.

About five of the pupils were sitting at the back of the car, facing cars that were coming from behind.

Most of these kids had their feet touching the street as the car was in motion on the busy road.

Though their lives were in danger, the innocent kids seemed comfortable about their situation.

From the look of things, pupils being packed in taxis in large numbers, to-and-from school, was a regular occurrence in the area.

Most of the people that were travelling on the road, perhaps, for the first time, were seen signaling the driver to stop.

But the driver of the Tico cab was unperturbed, as he drove to his destination in a dangerous manner.

Most of the travelers on the road were seen taking pictures of the Tico car, stuffed with the kids.

 FROM I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr., Tamale

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