Re-introduce teacher trainee allowances – PPP

The Progressive People’s Party (PPP) is calling on government to reintroduce the teacher trainee allowances which was scrapped last year.

According to the PPP, government has failed to take cognizance of the huge deficit in the number of teachers in the country and the number of people who would have entered the teaching profession due to the incentives attached to it before taking the decision.

“Even if it is the argument that as of the time that they were receiving allowances, they did not accept the postings; do you think that now that you have taken their allowance away, they will accept their postings,’’ Chairman of the Educational Committee of the PPP, Fredrick Enyum said.

He noted that the current teacher-student ratio is huge; a situation which must be resolved before government embarks on this new policy.

“There is a huge teacher-student ratio deficit that has to be resolved before we look at withdrawing the allowances; the deficit alone is a 140,000,’’ he said.

According to him, with this huge deficit, it is a wrong decision by government to scrap the allowance to trainee teachers.

‘’…if you have this huge deficit and you are making the situation worse for students to want to go into teacher trainee colleges, then for us I think it’s a bad policy,’’ Mr Enyum added.

By: Evans Effah/