Police impounds over 1,000 motorbikes

The Greater Accra Regional Police Command has begun an operation to rid the city of motorbike related crimes.

The operation which started on Tuesday saw the Police impound over 1,000 motorbikes in the Metropolis.

The Greater Accra Regional Police Commander, DCOP Christian Tetteh Yohunu explained to the media that motorbikes are being used to commit most of the crimes in the city hence, their decision to embark on the operation.

He indicated the operation will continue until they rid the city of criminals saying, “we want to get the motor bikes out of the streets then we will see how the criminals will move. If they will go by foot, then we will chase them by foot, if they will go by car, we will chase them by car.”

DCOP Yohunu stressed that the Police is determined to reduce to the barest minimum, criminal activities therefore; they will use all means possible to achieve this aim.

“It is going to continue. it is not going to be daily but within a short time, we will spring surprises and then we will try to use that,” he said.

He disclosed that his outfit will go beyond the city center “which is the next target” adding that there will also be a raid into the dens of the land guards because “they do land guards in the day and in the night, they become armed robbers. We want to target them all.”

By: Efua Idan Osam/citifmonline.com/Ghana