Man, 25 sacrifices manhood, niece for ‘non-existent’ ritual-mon​ey

A-25-year-old galamsey operator, who was bent on getting rich quickly by sacrificing his penis for spiritual money, is cursing his stars after the charm for riches back-fired.

Kwaku Boateng of Akyem Ntronang in the Eastern Region now vomits blood under strange circumstances, while his niece, whom he used for the sacrifice has suddenly become deaf.

Kwaku’s plight has worsened as relatives pressurize him to have the innocent niece delivered following the disappearance of the supposed Muslim spiritualist, commonly known as Mallam.

He was lured by the fortunes of a friend, who had consulted the mallam and ‘succeeded’ in his quest to salvage his poor family from poverty.

Kwaku had asked the mallam to use his manhood and one of his nieces for the money magic.

As part of the rituals, he stripped naked on the instructions of the mallam after which the spiritualist poured a powdered substance on his penis and at his rear.

The mallam then spread the substances down to his genitals, and then asked him to dress up again.

He said three days after he visited the shrine, there was no sensation in his manhood, a situation the mallam confirmed signified the sacrifice had succeeded.

But after waiting for 7-months with no sign of riches, he was alarmed and stormed the Mallam’s shrine at Akwatia and threatened to set it ablaze.

His dream of owning a Limousine and a house was shattered, leaving him poorer as he was before and had been attacked by a chronic disease of vomiting blood.

Boateng’s sister, 34-year old Amma Agyeiwaa has been seeking cure for her daughter, who has suddenly become deaf.

Following a visit to a prayer camp, it was revealed Kwaku was behind his niece’s condition, and it took a family meeting for him to admit the accusation.

Amma Agyeiwaa wants spiritual intervention for her daughter.

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