KIA apologises for poor infrastructure and sanitary conditions

The management of Kotoka International Airport (KIA) has unreservedly apologised to travellers for the deplorable infrastructure conditions at the port.

Many travellers have registered their anger and disgust at the poor sanitary condition and infrastructural malfunctioning at the country’s sole international airport.

In acknowledging the poor conditions at the KIA on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show on Wednesday, Charles Asare, Actingg Managing Director of the Ghana Airporst Company Limited, assured that steps are being taken to put things in order.

He also conceded that the airport is overwhelmed by the traffic on its obsolete infrastructure.

“At least we have to acknowledge the inconvenience which I have and apologise for it. But then we are also moving to address the issue, it is a structural capacity issue; the airport wasn’t designed to handle this level of traffic. The demand for service far exceeds the capacity and we are moving to expand the capacity.”

He blamed the delay in getting infrastructural shortcomings addressed, on difficulties in raising funds due to the cumbersome procurement procedures.

However, Mr. Asare is hopeful the procurement hurdle, which is the bane of their acquisition of new equipment, would be cleared by the end of the year to get new equipment installed as well as the expansion of the arrival hall.

He assured travellers two more carousels would be installed soon to ease the pressure on the existing ones during the peak hours of 7:30pm to 9:30pm.

He also condemned customs and other officials who try to corrupt the system by conducting unsanctioned search on travellers.

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