PNC Chair Lauds NPP For Successful Congress

The Greater Accra Regional Chairman of the Peoples National Convention, PNC, Bala Maikankan has lauded the New Patriotic Party for organizing a successful Congress.

In a congratulatory Statement to the main opposition party, Mr Maikankan, indicated that the New Patriotic Party has shown maturity and proven to be true believers in Democracy and have served as an example for other parties to emulate.

According to him, the only way we as a country can derive the maximum benefit from our multi-party democracy is to encourage other political parties to remain competitive and formidable.

He added that our quest to remain the beacon of Democracy in the Sub Region, cannot be sustained without the participation of strong opposition parties.

“Strong political party is a major catalyst for the strengthening of our political parties which goes a long way to bring the much needed development”

He also advised the newly elected leaders of the party to ensure that the foul language, accusation and the counter accusation that dominated the airwaves does not breed acrimony and division in the rank and file of the party

He however noted that in due time, he will analyze the Congress in details and draw attention to the avoidable mishaps that became a regular characteristics of the build-up to the congress proper.

According to him, at this stage of the country, the various political parties must come together to help the NDC find solution to the ever growing problems that have engulfed the country.

“It’s about time we take a break on the pursuance of our political fortunes and focus on building this nation which lies in crises at the moment”

He added that the existent of political parties is not only meant to seize powers and govern, but also serve as a tank for policy alternative.

He however lamented that, the over politicization of issues is not boding well for our development until we change the style of doing politics, the country will never see development.

He assured that the PNC will always be a national centered party and one that would place the development of our dear nation at the heart and ahead of everything it does.

Mr. Maikankan also called on the ruling National Democratic Congress to tap into the experience and expertise of the various political parties in times as crucial as this.

He concluded by saying that, until we recognize the roles of political parties and make use of their expertise, Ghana’s development will always be compromised.

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