Nankpanduri chief appeals to gov’t to lift curfew

The chief of Nankpanduri in the Northern region is appealing to government to lift the curfew imposed on the area to enable the people freely go about their normal duties.

A-6pm-to-6am curfew is still in force in the area, while the traditional authority is making a strong case for the curfew to be lifted.

The chief of Nankpanduri, David Kansuuk, is confident the violence that hit his community early this month, was not caused by the people of Nankpanduri.

According to the chief, he is distressed over the imposition of the dawn to dusk curfew on Nankpanduri and its surrounding communities at a time he noted, is the period that the deadly Cerebrospinal Meningitis (CSM), affects the people in the area.

The chief has therefore assured the Interior Minister, Kwesi Ahwoi, who visited the area together with the Inspector General of Police (IGP) to assess the situation, that there would be peace in the communities if the curfew was lifted.

The people affected by the Kokomba and Bimoba clashes were forced to flee their communities after their homes were burnt to the ground and families and friends killed in days of bloody clashes that left three persons dead.

The victims, mostly women and children recounted harrowing tales of pain, hardship and psychological torture inflicted by armed gangs, who terrorized their communities for days.

The presence of the Interior Minister and the IGP in the conflict community is expected to trigger emergency meetings to review the security situation.

Joy FM’s Seth Kwame Boateng, who is in Nanpkanduri reported that senior high school students have been frustrated by the situation and this was affecting their education since anytime gun shots were heard, school activities were disrupted and students take to their heels for fear of being attacked.

Traders and general travelers were not left out of this harrowing experience as they appealed to government to lift the curfew on Nankpanduri and its surrounding communities to enhance their daily activities in the area.

Meanwhile, the interior minister and regional minister has charged  the District Security Council (DISEC) to meet and make an assessment of the situation for the lifting of the curfew on Nankpanduri.

Security is still visible in the area and barring any unforeseen circumstances, the curfew is expected to be lifted by Friday, April 18, 2014.

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