s*x Education! 15 Must-Know Facts About Female climax


How many times can a woman climax? Is it difficult to climax every time? Can a woman have multiple orgasms? There are so many questions and myths surrounding the female climax that we had to simply find out the whole truth about the elusive climax. Check out these 15 facts about the big O that will clear all your doubts.

1. Women can climax multiple times, and unlike men, they don’t have to wait to start all over again. Lucky, aren’t we?

2. Every climax a woman has doesn’t have to leave her screaming. The female climax ranges from sweet and soft to completely crazy.

3. Women don’t have to undergo coitus to have an climax. A woman can climax by chest stimulation, which is also known as bosomgasm, and *surprise surprise* by kissing too

4. The best way to make a woman c*m is to go down on her. So men reading this, make sure you go down on your woman to help her climax

5. The average climax ranges for about 20 seconds. They can be shorter or longer depending on the foreplay.

6. Exercising can get you off too. Certain exercises stimulate your cli**ris and result in a woman climaxing. An climax received during exercising is called Coregasm. Up for a coregasm anyone?

7. Weird but true, there is something called mental climax too. Think about things that turn you on and daydream a full blown s*x fantasy and an climax will be waiting for you at the end of it. A dirty imagination is all you need 😉

8. Making noises makes a woman climax better. So next time you are making love, scream like there is no tomorrow and enjoy a crazy climax.

9. Orgasms can cure pain. Throw away the aspirins ‘coz the next time you have a headache or are suffering from menstrual cramps, just give your man the ‘come hither’ look.

10. Women in a relationship tend to climax more often than women who believe in one-night stands. So if you are in a relationship then know that there are more orgasms in store.

11. About 10 to 15 per cent of women are anorgasmic, which means that they can’t climax no matter what.

12. Doggie-style is the best position to have an climax. Time to get on all fours, ladies.

13. Orgasms get better with age. So don’t worry if you have been sexually active for a decade or so and never had a mind-blowing climax. It will get better with age and the scream-inducing orgasms will find you soon.

14. A Wegasm is possible. Remember how in Mills & Boons, the guy and girl reach climax together? Well it’s not a myth. It is actually possible. When it is very intense and you love your partner, the chances or cuming together or a Wegasm are higher.

15. On an average a woman needs eight minutes to climax. But studies have proven that many women have climaxed within a minute or two of stimulation.