Stephen Ntim Is My Candidate, Gabby Finally Declares

Former Executive Director of the Danquah Institute, Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko has finally broken with respect to national delegates conference of the New Patriotic Party by endorsing Stephen Ntim as his preferred candidate for the Chairmanship position of the party.

“My candidate for the NPP chairmanship is Stephen Ntim,” Gabby stated in a post on his Facebook wall.

The former DI boss went further to declare, what he describes as his “critical list” for the NPP’s elections today.

“My critical list for NPP national elections today: Stephen Ntim for Chairman; Sir John for General Secretary; Freddy Blay for 1st Vice; John Boadu for National Organizer; and

Sammy Awuku for National Youth Organizer,” Gabby stated

On the position of General Secretary, Gabby said he expected Sir John to emerge victorious in the General Secretary race by 48%, with Kwabena Agyepong a close second with 45%.

“There is something about how Kwabena Agyepong ran his campaign that you just can’t fail to admire. His strategy seemed effective. Today will decide how effective, though. He was the last off the blocks, but he campaigned with a plan and the discipline that made that plan work for him. In fact he ran it like a presidential campaign. His publicity programme was tight. His tour was packed, fueled, message incisive, attitude authoritative and he really touched base with delegates. I wish him well. And he will be a plus for the party if he wins,” Gabby said.

On his reasons for going with Sir John, Gabby explained that “My first choice, however, remains Sir John. I don’t believe in wholesale change at the top. We need a blend of new and those who did the work in 2012. But, I know the party will not be shortchanged whoever wins. I also wish YB the best. Nkrabea, too.”

Gabby stated that he expects John Boadu to become the next National Organiser of the NPP citing his experience as Youth Organiser and his experience over the last two elections going around the country training polling station agents.

“His grasp of the issues, and his knowledge of economics and his ability to break it down. His communication skills are extraordinary. He is fearless. His appetite for work has grown bigger and bigger with age. He is down with the masses and up there with the intelligentsia. He is the kind of organiser if you have you do not even need a director of operations for the campaign. He is the best material for the party and the party could not have asked for a better National Organiser at this stage. I expect him to receive a decent 58% of the votes,” Gabby explained.

Sammy Awuku, who is the obvious choice of many delegates of the NPP, Gabby, according to Gabby should garner some 78% of the votes.

Events of the last week, accordinng to Gabby, suggest to him that Sammy Awuku can go as high as 82% to become the NPP National Youth Organiser.

“Sammy is the mobiliser that the NPP needs to end this second term of the NDC. What he needs is a strong, youth organisation behind him. What the NPP needs is not just a youth organiser but a Youth Organisation with a leader like Awuku. Ghana needs a youth movement for change. I relish the thought of Sammy and John Boadu in charge of organising the NPP for 2016. A formidable duo; an exciting prospect. A must win double act,” Gabby added.

“For the National Women’s Organiser position, I still have a soft spot for Otiko Djaba, for tactical reasons. But, Tina Mensah has done more than enough to win and she is likely to win. She deserves it. Mawuse’s insurgency in the last few days has been most admirable. Except, it is not enough to swing it. Earlier this morning I tipped Tina Mensah to win with about 53%. Otiko is picking up this morning. This brings Tina down to 48%. That may be enough to win.

It is getting too tight to call. Otiko is rightly playing to her strengths. And, she could made an amazing come back. I don’t rule her out. 6 weeks ago, she was stretching Tina by over 10 percentage points. That withered away. Now, she’s making a solid come back. It is getting too close to call…” Gabby concluded.

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