NPP Decides: Political activity begin early; Police in control; Journalists queue for accreditation

Today is the day the opposition New Patriotic Party will elect new national party leaders ahead of a party defining national election in 2016.

Having suffered two electoral defeats to the National Democratic Congress the opposition party will look ahead to 2016 as a make or break affair.

The men to either make or break the party in 2016 will be elected in today’s delegates conference.

The fate of 44 men and women vying for various national offices will be known later today.

Campaigning has ended; the allegations and counter allegations have come, reported endorsements and denials have  also reared its head; voting will begin later in the day after incumbent executives are held to account for the four year stewardship.

As at 6:00 am the stadium is already bubbling with political activity as traders cash in on the season to sell party paraphernalia.

The police have already arrived at the stadium directing affairs and trying to provide security.

Journalists having been stranded for a while in desperate search for their accreditation have now lined up in a house opposite the stadium to collect the accreditation.

The NPP delegates have already arrived at the stadium in big buses waiting patiently for voting to begin

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