My Husband Insists We Break Up, And Suggests I Date His Friend [Advice Needed]

Sometimes, loving someone means being able to let them go. A confused woman sent in her sad story, asking advice on how to deal with her breakup, and if another relationship is worth giving it a chance.


I am (was?) in a relationship with a married man. Don’t blame or condemn me please. We love each other. He is very unhappy in his relationship but has to stay married because it’s convenient for their families, and for the sake of his children. He loves his kids very much.

Last month, he went abroad to attend to his business affairs and returned from his trip unusually guilt-ridden. He revealed that his wife is pregnant with their fifth child and told him as soon as he returned home. So he doesn’t want his children to grow up knowing their father was a cheater, and admitted he loves me but won’t ever marry me. Also, his friends saw photos of me on his phone, he said I was a co-worker. One of them said he liked me very much. My married lover now wants to give my contacts to his friend, saying he’s a nice man and would take care of me and even invite me to live abroad.

I love my man, and I understand him, too. What should I do? How do I forget him? Do I even try to get to know his friend? I’ve been in this relationship for five years and can’t even imagine being with someone else…