CPP Solidarity Message To NPP At Congress

Solidarity Message to the NPP Congress. Tamale 12 April 2014, Delivered by the CPP National Women’s Organiser – Hajia Hamdatu Haruna

The CPP wishes the NPP a successful congress to elect its national executives who will take the party to the 2016 general elections.

Our two different traditions have existed before independence. Once we were fighting on the same platform for freedom and justice for our people. We would like to think that there are many issues we could still fight for together for the progress and development of Ghana and the wellbeing of Ghanaians.

What we have in common today is that we are both out of government. We both want to see electoral reforms for more credible elections in future. As members of the Ghana Political Parties Programme (GPPP), we have both agreed to a set of proposals presented to the Electoral Commission (EC) including working within published timetables and well-defined programmes as for example the need to determine when to publish the provisional voters register and clarify the relationship between biometric registration and the voters’ register.

It is becoming very clear since the 2012 elections that Ghanaians have not had an easy time. In fact, we are experiencing some of the hardest times since the country’s return to multi-party democracy. The cost of living is excruciatingly high; delivery of basic services is painfully poor. There are no jobs; the utility services experience the most dire situation. Many people have never known the use of clean potable water supply; electricity is inconsistent with such regularity of outages that makes even those who are lucky to get power so frustrated.

On top of all that we have become painfully aware that as a nation we are mismanaging our resources and losing our revenue through greed, selfishness and negligence. All this is stalling our development and killing our morale as a people and a nation.

It is our hope that in the near future, we would come together to agree on a comprehensive Development Plan that cover all sectors and see them interlinked and where we would prioritize basic needs that Ghana as a state must endeavor to deliver to our citizens.

Let us re-dedicate ourselves to the mission we inherited from our founding fathers and mothers to complete the unfinished business of re-activating our sense of self-determination, self-reliance, and self-mobilization to transform our society, sustain our economy and ensure justice and fair opportunities to all Ghanaians.

May we as democratic political forces continue to protect the unity of our country and do our utmost to enhance the democratic dispensation and political stability in Ghana.

Nii Armah Akomfrah
CPP Director of Communication

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