Adukrom Chief And Awukugua Chief Smoke Peace Pipe

The peace was brokered by the chief of Apirede, Nana Saforo Okoampah III to help foster unity in the Nifa Division and present one voice in seeking development for the Nifa Division which constitutes Okere of the Akuapem area.

The chief of Awukugua renewed his allegiance to the Osuodumgya Otutu Kono III and pledged his unflinching support for the cause of the Nifa Division during an event, which took place at the palace of Apiredehene.

The occasion was witnessed by all the chiefs in the Nifa Division, including the acting chief of Dawu, Nana Awuku Bram, chief of Abiriw and Werepemhene of Akuapem, Nana Kwame Henaku II, chief of Aseseeso, Nana Kusi Obuadum and the acting chief of Abonse, Nana Obese Frimpong, as well as opinion leaders and members of the clergy from the division.

The special guest of honour was the Gyaasehene of the Akuapem Traditional Area and chief of Amanokrom, Nana Osim Kwatia, who represented the Omanhene of the Akuapem Traditional Area, Oseadeeyo Nana Addo Dankwa III

Speaking at the ceremony, the chief of Apirede, Nana Saforo Okoampah, said the people of Akuapem have a unique history, especially those from the Okere area.

He said the Nifa Division took that step to ensure true unification in the Nifa Division to cement the regrouping of the various division under one paramountcy.

‘We have now decided to come under one umbrella and must therefore see ourselves as one people with a common goal,’ he said.

According to the Apiredehene, Apirede was one of the leading nations that advanced the creation of the Akuapem State, adding that Apirede was the repository of Akuapem armoury and seen as the security capos of the Akuampems.

He said it was time to help advance the cause of Nifa Division and Akuapem as a whole.

‘We in the Nifa Division, which is Okere, need a separate administrative district so that there would be accelerated development for our people.

‘Let us believe in ourselves and mobilize our expertise and willing hands in leading our people towards concrete development,’ he noted.

Efforts of chiefs and politicians in the Okere constituency must be geared towards getting a separate administrative district at most by the year 2020 for Okere,’ Nana Saforo Okoampah noted.

The Gyaasehene of Akuapem Traditional Area, Nana Osim Kwatia, who was the guest of honour for the function, thanked the Nifahene and the Awukuguahene for putting their differences behind them and coming together to promote the development agenda of Nifa Division together.

A big ram was sacrificed to signify the unification of the two chiefs at the event.

From Thomas Fosu Jnr, Apirede

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