5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Date Pretty Boys

Chace Crawford

I’ve always dated attractive men. When my friends meet my flavor of the month (kidding — it’s more like my flavor of the decade) they check him out and whisper to me, “He is fiiiiine!”

“Yes he is,” I muse. “After all, I have exquisite taste.”

However, I rarely date men who are pretty boys. What is that exactly? A pretty boy is an urban term for metrosexual — a man who takes care of his looks as meticulously as a woman.

It’s not that pretty boys are feminine. They are, however, hard to date. And here’s why:

1. They Are High Maintenance
A man who is a pretty boy is high maintenance. From the threads they rock to their carefully combed hair, they take their time when it comes to their looks. They also expect for you to do the same. If you don’t dress a certain way, it may be a problem. If they feel you don’t look a certain way, they make look elsewhere. And they will always hog the mirror.

2. They Love Themselves More
I have admitted to wanting to be with a man who loves me more. That’s because he will adore me. A pretty boy is too busy making sure he looks a certain way to love me the way I want to be loved. Often times they are self-absorbed and love themselves so much more. And that mirror thing again.

3. Women Will Want Them
I’m not a jealous woman. I am, however, possessive. What’s mine is mine! That goes for the man that I love. When you are with a pretty boy, women stare. He is pretty. He gets attention. Like I said, I always date attractive men, but they can’t be hotter than me.

4. That Greasy Hair
When I think of pretty boys, I conjure up two images: Zac Efron and Pauly D from Jersey Shore. I also think of the hair gel crew. It’s the go-to product for pretty boys and their pretty hair. I just can’t be with a man who works harder on his hair than I do. I’m also afraid of the grease. And that I’ll be cut with spiky tresses.

5. They Spend Lots of Money … on Themselves
To be pretty is expensive! And pretty boys always have the best (and most expensive) clothing and shoes. I can’t be with a man who has an expense account just for his beauty products and fashion sense. Think of our future mortgage! What will be of our future children? They will sob from hunger as they watch their daddy gel up his hair in front of the bathroom mirror.

Source: babble.com