Kweku Bizkit, the newest Afro-Pop sensation drops new single

Kweku Bizkit is the newest music sensation rising out of Ghana. His genre of music is mostly an original Ghanaian flavour mixed with the sub-Saharan pidgin slang accompanied with splendid Caribbean attitude which has carved for itself, an Afro-pop, Zouk-love and Reggae-ton blend.

Kweku Bizkit who doubles as a Sales and Marketing Executive at Citi 97.3 FM as well as a singer and songwriter, is a versatile artiste when it comes to boxing the pidgin language, Ewe and Patois all into one song. His unique style of music is eccentric and could easily be mistaken for music from another part of Africa.

His new single “Follow follow” which features Scata Bada was produced by Magnom and has proven beyond all doubts that his style is strongly unique and is being applauded by some DJs in Nigeria, Zambia and South Africa. The smashing new Afro-Dancehall single “Follow Follow” is set to make waves as it blends the high-pitched, crisped voice of the singer with the powerful dynamic voice of the dancehall sing-jay Scata Bada. It is generally a party song that seeks to incite party, fun-loving people to release stress and “follow the party”.

To begin with, the instrumentation is on point as it was produced by one of Ghana’s finest promising sound engineers Magnom who is a genius on the drums and the versatility and consistent application of tactical rhyming schemes in “Follow Follow” sets the record straight that Kweku Bizkit is here to stay. The versatility of the pidgin language coupled with the Ewe and Patois gives it a unique genre that you might mistake any day to be music from Nigeria, South Africa or any other part of Africa.

Kweku Bizkit has a couple of singles to his credit like; “Stolen Heart” which featured Tinny, “Alolena”, “Shockin’ Wind”, “Step” among others.

His style is strongly influenced by the Caribbean Kevin Lyttle, Wayne wonder and Rupee, He is currently under the management of Bass and Tweeter GH.

Listen to the track below

Credit: Bass and Tweeter GH