[Advice Needed] We Should Get Married In December, But He Is No Longer Interested! Please Help!

images (16)Dear Tee,

My fiance suddenly sent me a message that he is not interested in the wedding we would have in December. I am really down right now. What should I do? He has refused to pick his calls and we don’t stay in the same state. Please help, before I go crazy. Lara.

Dear Lara,

I understand that you are really scared, but I think you should stay calm now. Continue to ring him till he picks up his phone. If he still does not pick, you could talk to his close friend or relative and find out what’s happening with him. When he talks to you, I think you should ask him the reason for his words. Ask him questions and find out what and why. You can make adjustment if he complains of one thing or the other. If however, he is insistent on not having the wedding, don’t be downcasted, remember that everything happens for a reason. Move on with your life and don’t rush into another relationship…. Better doors would open unto you.

All the best, Tee.

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