5 Health Conditions that May Be Affecting Your s*x Life


Regular s*x is often associated with good health. So when there’s a glitch in your s*x life, it is also time to get alarmed about your health. When you begin to feel such a dip in your s*x life, watch out for these health conditions, which may be influencing your bedroom chemistry.Heart health

Depression usually causes an individual to feel disinterested in many of his/her daily activities. This disinterest can also be noticed in your bedroom activities, thereby causing a dip in your s*x life. If you notice such symptoms, it is important that you treat depression to improve your mood and s*x drive.

Heart health
One of the earliest symptoms of heart disease is erectile dysfunction. A heart condition can also cause general fatigue and take away a lot of functionality, which could all contribute to one’s disinterest in s*x. Watch out for your heart health if your s*x life begins to slack.

Sleep Deprivation
Research states that there is a strong link between a less-than-satisfactory s*x life and sleep deprivation. Lack of sleep can affect energy level and can cause fatigue. This in turn affects the libido and one’s interest in s*x. Therefore, it is important to treat sleep deprivation to improve one’s s*x life.

Chronic fatigue syndrome
Chronic fatigue syndrome is usually characterised by persistent fatigue caused by no real exertion and can last for a long time. This condition can influence a lot of physical symptoms like joint pain, sore throat, headaches, exhaustion, low s*x drive etc. If you feel that your lack of interest in s*x is accompanied by other such symptoms, be alarmed about chronic fatigue syndrome.

Hormonal Imbalance
Testosterone, estrogen, oxytocin etc. are hormones that influence your libido and s*x life. Hormone imbalance can disrupt a number of normal bodily functions, s*x included. Hormonal imbalance is one of most common causes of s*xual disinterest. To fix this, visit your urologist (for men) or ob-gyn (for women).

Source: healthmeup.com