Steve Ntim: NPPs consensus builder and true unifier

Mr Stephen Ntim

Mr Stephen Ntim

Accra, April 10, GNA Mr Stephen Ayesu Ntim, Aspiring National Chairman of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) has called on party delegates to the April 12 Congress to elect leaders who have demonstrated that they are consensus builders with unifying credentials.

At a time when factionalism poses such a serious threat to the party unity, I am going to dedicate myself to the effort at unifying the NPP he added.

If you elect me as the National Chairman, I will be in a position to play this very crucial role because I have been able to demonstrate beyond every reasonable doubt that I frown upon this unfortunate phenomenon that besets every truly democratic political party like the NPP, Mr Ntim told the GNA.

The Aspiring NPP Chairman said: I will use my depth of social networking and political diplomacy, my ability to listen to people more than talking to them, patience and empathy, to bring together all perceived and real factions existing in the party for victory 2016.

He said the continued existence and festering of factionalism will pose a very serious threat to the partys ability to win Election 2016I will not relent in my effort as your National Chairman at addressing this problem if elected, my natural qualities make me the true unifier, and I will not shirk that pivotal responsibility.

Mr Ntim said noted that the party needs to attain financial independence; I have devised an effective mechanism to enable the party think outside the box our regular source of party financing.

I will introduce other very effective methods of fundraising, foreign and local alike which will eventually ensure that the party will always be on its feet financially, he said.

He said as a National Chairman, his administration would reduce the monthly dues and attract more supporters to pay instead of the 120,000 register members who currently pay dues but over five million electorates who voted for the party in Election 2012.

Mr Ntim said under his administration Constituency and Regional Offices will retain part of funds generated whilst Members of Parliament and party executives will be spared the financial burden of having to fund party activities from their pockets.

The NPP National Chairman Aspirant tagged the NPP Parliamentarians as the nerve center and heartbeat of the party, whose activities cover financing, national and international political engagements, among others but noted that I have plans to expand the role of our MPs especially in ensuring unity at the constituency and regional levels.

He said his administration would invest in the NPP Women, Youth and NASARA branches.

As a System Engineer by training, I will aggressively pursue an increasing usage of technology in the running of the affairs of the party in areas such as database management, gradual dissemination of internet usage to our regional and constituency offices.

We will be better positioned to counter any underhand technological maneuvers from any quarters that could potentially affect our chances of winning Election 2016. I will seek the involvement of our external branches in this endeavor.

Mr Ntim therefore called on the delegates to vote massively for him to change the face of NPP and set it on the political path to win Election 2016.

He said winning election 2016 begins from April 12, at Tamale, you all have the power to demonstrate that the NPP is ready to capture political power or assigned it to another four years in opposition.

Electing Stephen Ayesu Ntim as the National Chairman is the affirmation that you want NPP to win Election 2016.


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