SSNIT Goes Hi-tech

From Rocklyn Antonio, Koforidua

From Rocklyn Antonio, Koforidua

From (R-L) Silas Oteng Asante, Sylvester Anko-Bil, Koforidua Area Manager, INSET: A SSNIT information kiosk.

A programme dubbed, ‘Operational Business Suite’ (OBS), has recently been rolled out by the Social Security & National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) to biometrically register potential members and migrate registered ones onto the new platform.

Mohammad Achaab, Koforidua Branch Manager of SSNIT, who disclosed this to BUSINESS GUIDE, said the project would help members to transact business with SSNIT without travelling long distances.

He was speaking at an employers’ seminar in Koforidua on Monday.

According to him, the project would also offer smart identity cards (IDs) to replace old identity cards of members and automate all information about SSNIT.

The information kiosks would be placed at vantage points just like Automated Teller Machines (ATMs).

Mr. Achaab said all members must authenticate their biography details with thumbprints at an information kiosks and slot in the smart cards to gain access.

After authentication, members could make enquiries about their contributions, among others.

He added that registered persons would be migrated onto the new platform.

There is no need to rush to register as SSNIT assignees would come over to employers to register employees on their various premises at an agreed time and date, he stated.

Employers could also initiate registration through the information kiosk system, among others.

The Koforidua Area Manager of SSNIT, Sylvester Anko-Bil, said the technology, which has improved greatly, aims to help SSNIT meet international standards.

This, he said, had resulted in a change in SSNIT’s operational techniques.

From Rocklyn Antonio, Koforidua

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