It’s A Mistake…

President John Mahama was recently elected by colleague heads of state of Ecowas to steer the affairs of the sub region for one year at a recent summit in Yamoussoukro in the Cote d´Ivoire.

After being elected the Ndc came out with a statement, and even their supporters were at the airport to welcome him amidst singing, dancing and clapping as they embrace John Mahama for making Ghana proud.

From their statement, the party praised him for his competence and acceptable political leadership in Ghana. They even likened him to Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah, saying he is destined for political greatness in his incorruptness as selfless leadership in offering real hope for our country, and also poverty reduction through increase opportunities for youth employment and urged him to remain focus with his political and economic governance of our country. They stated that they welcome his election in a greater expectation in an undeniable trust in his leadership capacity and competence to bring change in the region.

Like seriously? Don’t the Ndc know that it’s a rotational position, and that one gets it irrespective of one’s competence or incompetence? At least majority of Ghanaians are happy he wouldn’t have to deal with Ecowas money. If it were, we would have experienced “Woyomism” at a very large scale. Glory be to God!

Yes, I said glory be to God because John Mahama tops the most corrupt Presidents in the Ecowas region. Ghana under his administration is ranked 63 out of the 177 corrupt countries in the world. He is the head of the create-loot-and-share government. Under his watch, they have paid some dubious Judgment Debts to Woyome, Isofothon, not forgetting Gyeeda, Suba, Merchant Bank etc. If i am not mistaken, is it not John Mahama, who as the then Vice President inflated the prize of the Embraer the late President John Atta Mills wanted to purchase for Ghana? This same man inflated the cost of sending medical students to Cuba. An old man who pretends to be youth, cannot even care for 24 million citizens, how much more the 350 million Ecowas citizens?

I repeat, President John Mahama, alias Kofi Dubai has mismanaged his own economy into bankruptcy and has no clue on how to resuscitate it, so how do we expect him to lead West Africa´s failing economy? A man who borrows money to pay the interest accrued on other borrowed money? How this man became a President is beyond my comprehension. He is uninformed, has no vision or ideas and has no scruples and is corrupt as well. We thank God once again that John Mahama will definitely have no direct access to the monetary affairs of the Ecowas as compared to his Presidency in Ghana. What we would have seen would have been roaming the capitals of the Ecowas countries enjoying with our stolen money.