I Don’t Listen To Radio So I Can’t Hear The Insults – Kwesi Nyantakyi

Ghana Football Association President Kwasi Nyantakyi has claimed that he doesn’t listen to radio and thus don’t get to hear the outbursts and insults directed to him by radio presenters and journalists.

The president called on journalists in the country to be fair to his office and the association and urged them to be civil, constructive and circumspect in their reportage.

Addressing journalists at the opening of the new offices of the Central Regional Football Association, Mr Nyantakyi emphasized that the use of abusive words and personal attacks have become very rampant in the media and has put him off from listening to radio.

“I urge all of you (reporters) to rally behind the football association in the region and develop the game here, don’t go and sit on radio and insult the chairman or…”

“If you have any grievances come to the right forum and express yourself, when you go to radio me if you insult me on radio you have not done anything because I don’t listen to radio, I won’t hear it”.

“And when somebody calls me and says I heard them insulting you on radio I reply them that whatever they say, you can take it yourself because me I don’t tolerate such things and so you won’t have achieved anything”.

“Even if you insult it doesn’t show respect, it’s better..we are not afraid of criticisms, we are not but criticism doesn’t mean insult, lets be civil”.