Turkish Investors Eye Ghana

A Turkish business delegation from Yeni Pers, member of the Sintek Group, is in the country to explore the possibility of setting up a cement construction company.

The visit follows high-profile fruitful discussions the delegation had with Ghana’s goodwill sports ambassador and investor Ambassador Ray Quarcoo a few weeks ago in Turkey.

The delegation, led by Hayati Ozturk, is also in the country to conduct feasibility study for the project after discussions with top officials.

Responding to questions on why they settled on Ghana, Ozturk indicated that “Ghana is stable, you have a working and practical democracy, rule of law works here which are very key to the construction and growth of every company.

“We met Ambassador in Turkey a few weeks ago and after a fruitful deliberations, we decided to come down to see for ourselves the good things he said about Ghana, and I must say what he said was not far from what we have witnessed.

“In fact he has been a wonderful host, he is a decent person. We will return soon to formalize everything for the start of the project, which will include the construction of all cement based production materials.

The cement producing giants are already making waves in Guinea, Conakry, Sudan and Mozambique.

Ambassador Quarcoo pointed out that “this company has a strong presence in many African countries, and doing extremely well. I believe their visit to Ghana will provide employment opportunities for the youth in the country.”

The company has constructed many domestic and overseas turn-key based plants, which play a critical role in the development of countries.

The company also supports many international companies in the area of engineering and consulting services along with project development.