Reconsider Fringe Benefits Of Gov’t Appointees…Instead Of Freezing Workers Pay Increment

Public Interest Lawyer and Ghana’s Ambassador-designate to India, Sam Pee Yalley has called on the Government to revise its decision to freeze pay increases for workers in the public sector.

According to Mr. Sam Pee Yalley, the government should adopt a more productive strategy to address the budget deficit which is said to be skyrocketing.

He explained that there’s no need for government to freeze workers’ salary increases when Parliamentarians, cabinet members and other government officials are given a preferential treatment.

He opined that the exemptions given to government officials should be removed and the government should also work hard at cutting down its expenses.

He argued that the huge expenses government makes on its officials such as the privileges offered to them also contribute to the economic breakdown.

And as a result, Sam Pee Yalley, speaking on U TV‘s morning show “Adekye Nsroma“appealed to President John Mahama to reconsider the fringe benefits and other privileges that his officials enjoy.

In his view, they should pay their own rent and through this, he believed government can raise revenues to build the nation.

He stated that it is prudent for the organizations and institutions to be “internationalized” as means to boost the progress of the economy.

He also suggested that government should “transfer the costs the nation incurs into revenue” and also utilize the private sector to generate revenue for the country.

“You can turn so many cost centers into revenue centers…The private sector has a lot to pay but the State should also facilitate those things,” he added.