Freddie Blay: I Want To Give Back To NPP For The Good Done Me

To whom much is given, they say, much is expected as this is what has inspired the former First Speaker of Parliament and MP for Elembelle Constituency, Hon. Freddie Blay to contest for the position of the First Vice Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) as he attribute his political success to the NPP.

Hon. Freddie Blay maintained that the best way to show appreciation to the NPP, is to contest for the first vice chairmanship position in order to add his knowledge base and experience in politics to ensure victory for the party in 2016 general elections.

He revealed in an interview with that though he was serving in the interest of Convention People’s Party, his heart had always been with the New Patriotic Party. According to him, his love for the party grew bigger to the extent that he resigned from CPP to be a full member of the NPP.

He added that his eight (8) years in NPP has been good and his campaign for the first vice chairmanship position has received an unprecedented endorsement in all the regions and the constituencies he has visited.

“…I hope to see it transformed into massive votes to secure me the first vice chair seat to serve the NPP in return for what the party has done for me,” he said.

Speaking about his campaign, he stressed that he is the only candidate with a peculiar background from CPP who rose to the position of second and first Deputy Speaker of Parliament and thus stands tall among the rest.

“…..I have campaigned a lot in all over all the country and I have received a very good welcome in all the regions and constituencies I have visited…..they have assured me that, come April 12, 2014, I will be the first vice chairman of NPP. Honestly, I didn’t expect to receive that massive assurance but as you know I have been a Member of Parliament for three terms and second and first deputy speaker of Parliament. I have had a good relationship with NPP when I was in Parliament and I think it is time for me to give back to NPP what they did for me in my political career…..I have told the delegates that I am not coming to reinvent the wheel but I am coming to join the team and try to unify the party and it takes an individual to make a difference,” Hon Freddie Blay stated.