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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

My Girlfriend Never Appreciates My Efforts [Advice Needed]


A young man asks for advice as his girfriend has a hard time believing he’s not a “player” anymore. 

I am a guy of 24 years. Four years ago, I met a lady and we started talking to each other. A while ago, we began dating. It was kind of rough in the beginning of our relationship. I must admit I was a player before I met her, but decided to change. However, my girlfriend still doesn’t believe I’m a changed man now, and has difficult time trusting me. There have been so many ups and down in the relationship!

I’m still a student but try my best to satisfy her needs, while she thinks I’m not even trying. She always complains about everyting I do. We had quite a few big arguments just last month. Most recently, she has denied me in the presence of her friends in broad daylight!

Please, I need your advice. What’s this girl up to? Is she taking me for a fool or am I one?


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