Ghana FA Member Kofi Manu Blasts ‘Political’ Colours of Donated Musical Instruments To Premier League

Ghana FA member Kofi Manu claims the colours of the musical instruments handed to Premier League clubs by First Capital Plus Bank is ‘Political’ and against FIFA regulations.

The headline sponsors of the Ghanaian top flight handed the musical instruments to the 16 participating clubs to be handed to their supporters for use during games.

The donation forms part of the bank’s pledge to support the activities of supporters after sealing a landmark sponsorship deal with the Ghana FA worth $10m over the next five years.

But Kofi Manu, the chairman of the Ghana FA’s Player Status Committee stormed out of the presentation ceremony held at the Ghana FA headquarters in Accra claiming the instruments are in the colours of an active political party in Ghana.

The drums, which forms part of the musical instruments handed to the Premier League Board were coloured, red, blue and white – the signature colours of First Capital Plus Bank.

Manu however claims the colours are representative of a political party in Ghana which will amount to an infringement of the ‘FIFA Stadium And Security Regulation’ when used for games.

“Sometimes I don’t know whether it is out of ignorance or illiteracy,” the ex Aduana Stars Chief Executive Officer told Metro FM.

“You know sometimes we meet to crack jokes about these things and then someone takes this on air and makes it public.

“But since the issue is already in the public domain then let me make it plain why it [drums in political colours] is wrong.

“FIFA Stadium Safety and Security Regulation – Article 60: ‘Prevention of Provocative and Aggressive Action’

“1. Political action- The Promotion or Announcement Political or Religious Messages inside or in the immediate vicinity of the stadium by any leanings is strictly prohibited before, during and after matches.

“These rules are very clear but people are in football and they don’t even know the rules.

“Secondly, are we saying that because a sponsor has come to sponsor our league, must he force his colours on the clubs?

“That colour is representative of the colours of a political party and the laws clearly state that it cannot be done.”