For Married Couples – Another Type Of s*x To Add In The Bedroom

downloadI’m sure you’ve heard of make-up s*x, honeymoon s*x, morning s*x, and lunch break s*x. But have you heard of after-worship s*x? Yes, you read it correctly. After-worship s*x. I didn’t make it up. God did. God wants husbands and wives to experience ultimate pleasure with each other. s*x is a gift that should be opened and used regularly. And, because it’s done in the context of holy matrimony, as opposed to a non-covenant relationship, God blesses it. Worship blesses a couple’s s*x life, too. For some women, seeing their husbands pray, preach, or praise God just does something to them. I’ve been told, and experienced for myself, wanting to make love more, feeling more attracted and free. I’m not sure if it is the same for men, but there is a definite connection between worship and s*x. Sounds weird, doesn’t it?   That’s what I thought until I read God’s word for myself. Check out 1 Samuel 1:19.

“Early the next morning they [Elkanah and Hannah] arose and worshiped before the LORD and then went back to their home at Ramah. Elkanah made love to his wife Hannah, and the LORD remembered her.”

To get the full context of this verse, read the entire chapter. For the point I am making here, notice these two things. First, Hannah and her husband worshiped together, which means they were on one accord spiritually. Second, it says, after worship they went home –not to eat Sunday dinner, not to watch the ballgame, not to take a nap ““but they went home and made love. Worship must have been real good that day. I imagine Hannah and her husband didn’t even hang up their church clothes before they jumped into bed--if they made it to the bed!! After-worship s*x can be a blessing to your marriage when done with the right motives. God must come first, and growing together as a couple must come second. Hannah and her husband were in love. They worshiped and prayed regularly. Their spiritual life was important to them. Together, they sought God, which, in turn, made their marriage and s*x life stronger. Because they were on one accord spiritually, they could be on one accord physically. If after-worship s*x is new to you, consider adding it to your list. There’s really nothing to lose yet so much to gain.