Dating Advice For Men: 7 Great Tips


Dear men, Here are great dating tips for you, read on and thank me later!

Tip #1 Be Honest From The Start
Being honest is vitally important when it comes to dating. Let’s say you enjoy a sarcastic sense of humor, both in yourself and others. What do you imagine it would be like to date someone who is very sensitive and easily offended? Definitely not any fun. A person like that is probably not going to change any more than you are. This means spending your time dating such a person is basically a time waste. It’s far better to cut your losses early and try to find someone else.

Tip #2 Don’t Try To Save Someone
Okay, she’s hot, funny and up for anything. She’s also deep in debt, doesn’t tell the truth all the time and might still be in love with her ex. Some men see women like this as a challenge, but these are all serious red flags that will wind up forcing you to spend the majority of the relationship focused on her. What about you? The painful truth is that we have to save ourselves. If someone has serious character flaws, don’t think you can change them.

Tip #3 Believe In Chemistry
You’ve probably met people you had an instant rapport with. That’s chemistry, and it’s important. Have you ever met a woman who seemed ideal yet you didn’t feel any sparks? That’s lack of chemistry, and despite what some people think, it’s not something that develops over time. It’s true you might grow to love someone even without chemistry, and for some guys that’s enough. But for many of us, that spark that makes our hearts race is sought after with great gusto. If there’s no chemistry on the first date, it might be that the two of you were only ever meant to be friends.

Tip #4 Don’t Ditch Your Buddies
Not everyone does this, but too many guys meet that special someone and decide that their friends no longer matter. You might want to spend all of your free time with her in the beginning, but think about the future. What are you going to do if the relationship goes south and all of a sudden you’re alone with no girl and no friends? Another concern is not letting her decide who your friends are going to be. If your friends are decent guys and she decides she hates them, you’re not going to do yourself any favors by getting rid of them just to make her happy.

Tip #5 Do Not Blow Your Whole Paycheck
It’s fine to want to impress, especially on a first date. However, spending an exorbitant amount in the beginning of a relationship might give her the wrong idea. You are also going to feel awful being broke all the time. A quality woman is not going to want to be with you because of the gifts she can nab. Now when it comes to the first date, it’s a good idea to offer to pay. This makes you look gallant and there really isn’t enough gallantry in the world today. Just don’t let that set the scene for the rest of the relationship.

Tip #6 Tell Her The Truth
Say the two of you had a nice time but there was just nothing there. Don’t act as if you are interested if you’re not. It isn’t fair to her, and you probably aren’t going to feel very good about yourself after you say you’ll call her when you know you won’t. Think about how you would feel if the situation was reversed, and decide that you don’t want that karma coming back at you. You also don’t want to get a reputation for being dishonest. People talk, and she is sure to talk about your faults if you lead her on.

Tip #7 Be Yourself
Another way of leading people on is pretending to be something you’re not. This isn’t fair to either of you, and experts who offer dating advice for men tell you never to do it. If what you really love is going to the ballpark on the weekends, don’t pretend you spend each Saturday at the opera. If you let her see the real you from the beginning you have a much better chance of building a strong relationship. Of course, that’s if you want to. If instead you are playing the field right now, don’t let her think you are looking for kids and the white picket fence anytime soon. Women respect men who are truly honest about what they want.