Call For Arab Spring Demo Not Treasonable – Wontumi

Ashanti Regional Chairman of the opposition New Patriotic Party, Bernard Antwi Boasiako, has defended his call for an Arab Spring style demonstration claiming no wrong doing.

The chairman popularly called Wuntumi, declared his resolve to rally together millions in a month long demonstration against what he described as untold hardship under the John Mahama administration.

Prominent groups including the United Cadres’ Front and the West African Network for Peace Building have condemned his proposition with others calling for his arrest.

But his Spokesperson Edward Ekuoko contends the call was made within democratic considerations and that those describing his words as treasonable have got it wrong.

Defending the stance on Ultimate Radio, he explained “what Chairman Wontumi said was that, the capitation programme the NDC is imposing on Ashanti and the country poses a threat to healthcare delivery for ordinary Ghanaians. Aside that, cost of living in terms of fuel and utility prices, are all shooting up and if the government doesn’t rethink its policies, then Ghanaians will rise and embark on a demonstration that is similar to that of the Tunisian uprising”.

Elucidating further, he explained that “what he meant by similarity was that the Tunisians had resilience and sustained the demonstration for weeks and months sleeping outside, eating outside, bathing outside and pushing until their objective was achieved.We however do not have that attitude of demonstrating beyond even a day and that is what he means we will emulate.”

“What people are missing is that, on the same platform, he mentioned that he is a Christian and a democrat and that he will not advocate any violence and that it is only the positive attitude of the Arab Spring that we will adopt,” he added.

Edward Ekuoko disclosed to Ultimate Radio that preparations for the demonstration are already underway and that the police will soon be notified. He indicated that people “who think Wontumi just talks and never acts had to rethink their perceptions as the man is an “action man.”

“I can inform you that as I speak to you, he is in a meeting with his major executives of the party planning to send an official report to the regional police commander telling him of their intention to hold the demonstration because he respects the Public Order Act and its funny when people think that chairman Wontumi talks for nothing.”

The Spokesperson threatened that “in the next two weeks, if things do not change, you are going to hear a date for a very massive demonstration that will come in series and week after week there will be demonstrations in the Ashanti region”.

Mr. Edward Ekuoko indicated that since the Ashanti Regional NPP Chairman threw the challenge, he – Wontumi, has had massive support with even people overseas sending messages of their readiness to support and partake in the demonstrations.