NDC MP Backs Signing Of EPA Agreement

There have been lots of discussions on the airwaves regarding the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) and whether the Government of Ghana should be signatory to the agreement.

Several Ghanaians have been wondering the impact that the EPA may have on the progress of the economy.

Some critics and political figures have argued that the signing of the EPA; a trade and development agreement between the European Union and African, Caribbean and Pacific countries, will have dire consequences for Ghanaians.

The dissenters believe the agreement will give foreign countries a huge advantage over trading in the country.

The arguments seem to go back and forth as other Members of Parliament (MPs) have also sided with President John Dramani Mahama, Chairman of ECOWAS, to sign the agreement.

One of such MPs is Hon. George Arthur, Member of Parliament for Amenfi Central.

The NDC MP has thrown his weight behind President Mahama and urged him to sign the bond which offers African and foreign countries equity in trading among themselves.

The EPA aims at aiding countries in the regional and sub-regional blocs to be incorporated into the world economy and share the benefits offered as a result of globalization.

Speaking to host Tweneboah Koduah on “Adekye Nsroma” on U-TV, Hon. George Arthur stated that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with Ghana being part of the EPA.

He explained that as ECOWAS Chairman, President John Mahama is bound by the laws of the Economic Community to take decisions in the interest of the union. And so, to him, he (President Mahama) cannot be detached and decide not to sign the agreement on the basis that the citizens of his country have rejected it.

He debunked claims that the EPA will only create a platform for western countries to exercise control over the economy, as widely argued by some critics.

To him, the agreement will boost trade in the country and the African continent at large, and added that the agreement does bind people to purchase goods whether they like them or not.

He further added the EPA does not affect the choice of goods and services that the citizens will want to purchase but rather afford them the opportunity to trade with other countries.