For Men: 5 Ways Daily Exercise Can Enhance Your s*x Life

images (26)Do you struggle to find the time and energy to go the the gym on a regular basis? If so, you’re no different from almost every other guy on the planet. Not everyone has what it takes to go to the gym every day, but there are some good reasons why doing so can help significantly enhance your life. Learning more about the benefits of exercise can help motivate you to get in shape.

1. Less Time Spent In Front Of The TV And Computer
While televisions and computers aren’t inherently bad or unhealthy, when they’re used in excess, they can have a detrimental effect on your life.
Daily exercise can help fill up more time in your day so you don’t end up spending so much time in front of a TV or computer. This can help you avoid some of these negative effects of excessive TV and computer use:

  •     Greater exposure to advertising
  •     Makes time management more difficult
  •     Potential addiction
  •     Shortens attention span
  •     Couch potato style over eating
  •     Eye strain

Again, using a TV or computer in moderation can help you keep in touch with the world around you, but you have to draw a line somewhere.

Incorporating exercise into your daily routine will make it harder to spend stuck in front of a flickering tube.

2. More s*x
Daily exercise doesn’t guarantee more s*x, but there are some compelling reasons why it does help. The first reason is that it helps you look better unclad. Less flab, and more muscle is a winning combination when you have to take off your clothes. And the better you look unclad, the more you and your partner would want to have s*x more frequently.

The next reason daily exercise leads to more s*x is that it increases your libido. An increased libido won’t guarantee more s*x, but it does point you in the right direction. After an intense workout, your body releases large amounts of testosterone which increases your overall s*x drive.
With a greater s*x drive, you’ll obviously go further out of your way to get some action.

3. Better s*x
Although daily exercise doesn’t always guarantee more s*x, it very often leads to better s*x. If you exercise daily, you probably have a trimmer figure and are in better physical shape than people who don’t exercise. This can benefit your s*x life in many different ways. If you’re trimmer and have a flatter stomach you can use more of your man-hood, which allows you to make longer thrusts and gives you more s*xual positions to work with.

Another way daily exercise helps your s*x life is that it improves your body’s circulation and cardiovascular health. When your body is stimulated and you become aroused, your body increases the blood flow to the man-hood while decreasing the blood flow from the man-hood, which results in an erection. The better your body and heart is able to power and control this blood flow, the better your erections will be. If you exercise daily, your heart will be well conditioned to take on the task of rigorous s*x.

4. Build New Friendships, Strengthen Existing Ones
When exercise becomes a more important part of your daily life, you’ll start to gravitate more towards people who also share an interest in physical fitness. This can lead to the creation of new friendships and the strengthening of existing ones. If you enjoy running but don’t enjoy going alone, try tapping into your friends or coworkers for a running buddy. If you aren’t able to find one in your own personal network, you can always turn to the internet. Check out forums and social networking sites for local runner meet ups, clubs, and races and you’ll be that much closer to meeting new runners in your area.

If some of your friends like to visit the gym every now and then, you should definitely tag along and work out with them. When you exercise with your friends, you have more opportunities to get to know them better and improve your existing friendships. This is definitely a great benefit of daily exercise and is a very positive activity to do with friends (as opposed to drinking, taking drugs, and other shenanigans). When you exercise with friends, it makes it easier to stick to exercise commitments. If you exercise alone, it becomes more difficult to stick to your fitness goals.

5. Satisfaction, Accomplishment, Happiness
After exercising for weeks, months, and years, you’ll begin to see very tangible results. You may weigh less, broader shoulders, or six pack abs. Whatever the case may be, once you start seeing results, you’ll feel a tremendous amount of satisfaction, accomplishment, and even happiness.

Exercising is work; it definitely isn’t easy and requires a lot of discipline and effort. If you’re able to use all of the discipline and effort you have to improve your health, appearance, and physical condition, you can certainly bet it will put a smile on your face.