AMA demolishes uncompleted building at Kissieman

Sunday 6th April , 2014 8:30 pm

Demolition 1The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (A.M.A) has demolished a structure identified as unsafe at Kissieman Junction, during a dawn operation on Sunday.

The seven (7) hours operation was led by the Director of Metro Works Department of the AMA, Mr. Victor Mensah and assisted by a-joint team of personnel from the Achimota Police and the A.M.A.

The operation is part of a campaign launched by the Mayor of Accra, Alfred Oko Vanderpuije to pull down all illegal structures within the metropolis in the wake of the collapse of a-six-storey building at Nii Boi Town, which claimed one life.

Director of Metro Works Department of the A.M.A, Mr. Victor Mensah, who led the exercise said the building inspectors from the assembly came across the building, which was under construction without any a building permit.

According to him the building, which was on the second floor and about to commence the third floor, is poorly constructed and unsafe.

The building contractors, according to Mr. Mensah, were asked to stop the work as a professional engineer moved in to conduct an assessment.

The assessment result indicated that it was unsafe and therefore should be demolished, Mr. Mensah asserted.

He was confident A.M.A building inspectors served notice on the developers of the building last year and asked them to discontinue the construction of the building, adding that the developers were rather finding ways to correct the defects on the building.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mensah said the owner of the building will be surcharged with the cost of the demolition or face prosecution in court if he does not pay the cost.