I’m In Love With His Best Friend’s Girlfriend. Help!!! [Advice Needed]

Hi, my name is Nonso, and I would like to share my problem with you.

confused black man

I have known my best friend since we both were four (we’re 24 now). We stay close even though we study at different universities in different cities. He is like a brother to me, I love him sincerely.

About two years ago, he started dating a girl. He really loves her. At the first stages of their relatiosnhip, I didn’t have the opportunity to meet her because of the distance. Eventually, my friend introduced us last year. And there was mutual attraction from the instant we saw each other. For about two months, I tried to be a friend, her boyfriend’s “brother” to her. We communicated really well.

Then, one night, she sent me a message saying she felt more than a friendship to me, and just a friendship to my friend.

He really loves and adores her. I’ve fallen in love with her, too. She says she’s realized that I’m the one, not my friend. Still, she says he’s a great friend to her. Both of us don’t want to lose or hurt him.

What do I do? I need your help.