Relationship With Mother-In-Law Affected My Marriage[Advice Needed]

Getting along with your significant other’s family members can be tough. Understanding your wife’s mother might be an impossible task. Our frustrated reader shares his bitter experience. 


This is my appeal to every bachelor who intends to give up his solitude and self-sufficiency.

Before making up your mind to get married, make sure your woman agrees that the man is the head of the family.

I’ve learned the hard way that a wife will always be remote-controlled by her mother who would never allow him to enjoy his marriage.

I wedded my wife on September 22, 2014. We already had one male child. Before the ceremony, I had lost my job. But, in order to please my mother-in-law, I agreed to wed her daughter.

Immediately after that, my wife’s and her relatives’ attitude changed toward me and my family. Not a day has passed without a disagreement or an argument.

Less than a year after our wedding, my landlady calls me to my office and informs me that my dear spouse and her younger brother came to our home, gathered all her belongings and wedding gifts and drove them to their mother’s house. Presently, my wife lives with her mother.

I have really suffered in the hands of my mother-in-law.