Mallam Warns Ayittey Powers

A spiritualist, Mallam Abdulai Yussif, has warned Ayittey Powers to stay away from Bukom Banku in order to avoid total humiliation.

According to Mallam Yussif, Ayittey Powers cannot stand the might of Bukom Banku and will suffer defeat if he dare go ahead with the bout.

Briefing the press in Techiman, he revealed that Ayittey Powers is not spiritually fortified to stand the might of his opponent who is fully prepared for the fight.

Giving reasons for his warning, he said that Bukom Banku is both physically and spiritually prepared unlike Powers who has only considered the physical training to the detriment of the spiritual.

“Apart from the physical training, Bukom Banku, being a Muslim has prayed to Allah for the necessary fortification which makes him stronger to defeat Ayittey Powers through knockout…,” Mallam Yussif said.

He warned that if Ayittey Powers goes ahead with the fight, he may end up losing his life since the physical training alone is not enough to save him.

The much awaited fight was originally scheduled to take place on April 18, 2014 but upon the advice from his spiritual father, T. B. Joshua, Ayittey Powers has indicated he would not go ahead with the fight as scheduled.

While admonishing Ayittey Powers, Mallam Yussif recounted the huge public disappointment with his failure to go ahead with the fight but admitted it is a wise decision since he is not fully prepared for the fight on the Good Friday.

He advised Powers to seek spiritual fortification if he wants to avoid total humiliation.