Mahama Must Not Sign EPA If He Has Ghana’s Interest At Heart – NPP MP

Member of Parliament for Bantama, Henry Kwabena Kokofu has waded into the debate over the controversial Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA).

The EPA is a trade and development agreement intended to exist between the European Union and African, Caribbean and Pacific countries.

It aims at helping countries in regional and sub-regional blocs to integrate into the world economy and be part of the benefits offered through globalization.

But in Ghana and other African States, several people have vehemently opposed the signing of the agreement by ECOWAS.

Adding his voice to calls on President John Mahama not to advocate the signing of the EPA, Hon. Kwabena Kokofu, speaking on U TV’s morning show “Adekye Nsroma”, underscored the consequences it may have on the economy if, otherwise, signed.

According to him, the EPA is another strategy by the Western world to colonize its subjects and so, it is the responsibility of the government to be wary of such movement.

He explained that the EPA will bring into force the era of neo-colonization where the westerners will administer the affairs of the economy.

To him, they want an opportunity to stifle the country and in his earnest view, it will have dire repercussions for Ghanaians. He also bemoaned other offers from foreign donors which give absurd conditions to the country before they offer their help.

Suggesting solutions to curb the risk nature of the economy, Hon. Kwabena Kokofu advised African leaders to be “committed to transparent open governance” so as to avoid any foreign control on the continent.