Nollywood Actor And Producer, TChidi Chikere Knocks Ex-Wife Sophia On The Head

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Omalicha | 4/3/2014 12:13:13 PMTchidi, we ve comon sense and can derive the truth. U want pple to sympatise with you. u want to justfiy ur actions and put all the blame on sophia. Chidi, u ar the bad one bcos of ur selfishness. How can all these be possible , then u impregnated her the first time, you told her u wana leave and yet you gave her the 2nd belle, that one never do u, you still told her u wana leave yrs ago and u still gave the third belle. Hmm odikwa egwu. Why then did you leave when it was obvious u ware bedding nuella. Then, you and nuella denied having anything other than being colleagu. U ar a liar. TCHIDI….U don marry nuella bah? why cant you shut up ur mouth carry ur new madam go inside. U never hear say …the one who lies is the one who talks too much bcos he wants everyone to see truth in wat he is saying . Sophia has only spoken once. If you have a proof of sophia infidelity to you, put it here for us to see and blv. afterall u ve started it all to wash ur dirty linens in the public. Thaz the only way pple can blv you. As it is now, sophia has majority of fans to herself. Abt taking care of ur kids…obviously u abandoned ur kids, and its ur responsibility to be paying for them monthly.Ur kids have lost ur daily fatherly care. they ll have to be seeing u once in a blue moon. When they grow into manhood, they ll come to love their mum more …no matter wat and they ll drag ur properties with nuella just like Ojukwu family. So get ready o. Start writting ur will now and favour ur kids well. Once they ve their own share , their mother don get be that. And Sophia will find a better man not a tout like you. And who told you a wife can lose her dignity simply bcos a selffish and adultrous husband left her for another woman???/ OLODO Reply this thread
person | 4/3/2014 12:21:35 PMU guys should take it easy at least for d sake of the children Reply this thread