"Network Friday" Set For April 11 At Z-Bar

Our childhood poem of ‘all work and no play….’ is given a lot of meaning in this world of work, noted for stress in the quest to meet deadlines.

An initiative to give the corporate world a Friday to relax and network is therefore welcomed in the Network Friday event. The quarterly event which is held at the Zeebar on the plush World Trade Center has become a good conduit to distress and network. The vision is to do business as you relax, and the gathering at these events speaks volumes for its usefulness.

The Network Friday concept was born out of the identified need for young professionals to meet, bond and network (share ideas). Network Friday as a platform exists to fuel such moments of connection and bonding. More, the platform affords small businesses the opportunity to establish a consumer base given the chance to interact and connect with target consumers first hand.

IDS, organizers of the event have scheduled the next edition of Johnnie Walker Network Friday for the 11th of April, 2014. Nana Kofi Odame ‘revealed that the event which is strictly by invitation affords patrons the opportunity to come and network and also release tension in serene ambiance with the right people and in a right direction’. It will come off at the usual venue, Zbar inside the World Trade Center 2nd Floor on the height where alone is near.

This event is sponsored by Johnnie Walker, Zbar,SilverBird, MBC Classic, I AM OMOLEWA, 4Change. Its Media Partners are Social Gh, Ripple Effect,T’Flex Photography.