Masondo Cup launch set for Johannesburg

Thursday 3rd April , 2014 9:23 am


This year’s Masondo Cup for the city of Johannesburg, South Africa will be launched at African Football Executive Convention (AFEX) which will be held on the 10th and 11th April in the same city at the FNB Stadium.

In this regard, the organisers will be outdooring the Masondo Cup which will focus on providing a platform for footballers around the city to show their capabilities. In addition, the Cup will help to eliminating xenophobia from South African communities.

This was disclosed in a press statement released by the organisers of the African Football Executives Convention.

The Convention will be graced by the presence of Hon. Gert Oosthuizen, Deputy Minister, Department of Sport Recreation Arts and Culture and he will present the opening address on the 10th of April, 2014.

The AFEX is in its fourth year and it is aimed at developing football on the African continent through networking and discussions with some of football’s leading administrators on the continent such as Danny Jordaan who spoke at the 2012 edition.

Source: Nathan Quao/