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5 Tricks to Make Your Man Jealous


article-20143895334120021000Jealousy, when in a relationship, to a certain extents shows that your partner loves you and is possessive for you. It is only fair to demand his attention, if he has been running busy, spending most of his time at workplace or partying out with friends. And, believe us, crying or nagging is a passé. We reckon that you breeze through a few ways that will set his heart on fire with jealousy! These tricks will certainly help you to get his attention, and to reignite his interest in you.

1.  let him know you have a life apart from your relationship There is a life outside your castle of love too. You should take some time out for yourself. Go out with your girlfriends and throw pajama parties. While you are out with them, do not take his calls or reply to his texts. Or, if you want to tease him and ignite jealous sparks in his heart, attend the call and tell him how much fun you are having, or even better pick his call, and let him overhear your fun-conversations.

2. Play reverse psychology Remember when he says he is busy and will get back, why can’t you do the same? When he calls you, pretend as if you are busy. This way give him the taste of his own medicine. If he doesn’t want you to know who he is hanging out with, you can also shoot the same bullet of sweet revenge. Share this reverse psychology of ‘you get what you give’ with your friends too. We are sure, all girls can find their own way of getting back at their men, and thus get their attention as well!

3. Got a new haircut and your guy failed to praise you? Sporting a new ‘just lost-weight’ look, and he still doesn’t consider complimenting you? Well, to tackle this phase of being royally ignored, try out this formula: make a flattering remark about your male friends in front of him, or make a mention of how this new male friend keeps volleying compliments. Well, this will certainly make your man go green with envy. And, this trick will make sure that nothing about you ever goes amiss by your prince charming.

4. Leave him wondering

While you are out with him, pretend as if you just got a hillarious message but don’t share it with him. When he walks into the room, walk out as if pretending to be on a call. Also, make him crave for your attention by ignoring him. If he hops in online, do not buzz him at first. Just let him take an initiative of starting a conversation with you. If he calls you, pretend you are busy and do not commit that you will call him. Let some thoughts run in his head till they wear him out. We all know, men love mysteries and mysterious girls, right?

5. Go out with male friends No guy would ever like the idea of his girl spending maximum time with her male friends, especially when she tells him that she is busy and cannot meet him. This will definitely disturb him a little, and he will realise that he has to compete with others for your attention. Learn to be mysterious and you will see how much this will make him crave for you.

Since every medicine comes with a word of caution, so do these tricks. Beware; your guy might retaliate by making parallel moves. Be subtle with your moves, and know where to draw a line!

Source: Bollywoodshaadis.com


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