5 Thoughts about Marriage I’d Share with A New Bride

images (19)If I were to sit with a new bride and tell her about marriage, there are many, many things I would like to share.  We could talk about her building her new home. We could chat about when to have kids. We could even talk about cooking his favorite meal. The list could go on and on. The topics are endless. However, limiting my thoughts because of time and space I would share with her these 5 special thoughts. Five things that will benefit the marriage relationship from day one and continue to have benefit in year 25. The thoughts are not listed in any particular order. They each hold significant relevance to the marriage relationship. Pick up on what is beneficial to you. If these five thoughts are not beneficial to you at this time, just hold on to them until you need them or perhaps share them with a friend.

1. Marriage is a wonderful gift. It’s like a present that keeps on giving. Every day you open a new area of the gift and learn something new about the gift.

2. Keep enjoying the gift. Don’t let the gift get old or dusty and then start looking for something new and shiny. Continue to explore the gift, the more you search, the deeper you dig, the more you will discover. I also would tell her to….

3. Always place your spouse above your position.When a position becomes more important than a person you may find yourself alone with that position.

4. Share your powerful side as well as your tender side.  Rest in the fact that this is the man whom you have chosen to spend your  life. It’s no time to hold back, authentically be yourself. And lastly I would tell her…

5. Allow time and be patient as the two of you learn each other on a new level. You have never been his wife before nor he your husband. Take time to study your new position. Then never stop learning. Never stop growing together. Enjoy your mate! There is so much to share! Yet in these five thoughts, if I could only get you to remember one, hold on to number 2 – Enjoy the gift of marriage, keep it new and fresh don’t let it get dusty or ragged. Continue to explore and deepen your love

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