5 Compliments a Wife Loves to Hear

slide_53161_333126_freeWho doesn’t feel amazing after a compliment? Being told you’re beautiful, for example, will add an instant smile to anyone’s face. Not that we constantly need the approval of others to feel validated. There’s just something special about being noticed in this way, especially when it is expressed by the one we love most. In marriage, we sometimes forget to make our spouse feel special; when this should be our number one priority. Spouses should frequently seek ways to please the other.

Life has us so busy with the day-to-day, praising our partner easily becomes last on our to do list. Occasionally we all need to hear from our spouse how amazing they think we are. Of course some need it more often than others. For wives, in particular, there are certain compliments we need to hear every now and then. The following phrases are great reminders and confirmation that our husbands appreciate us.

1. Her Cooking Is Amazing

Many wives pride themselves on their ability to cook. Planning and preparing meals for a family requires a great deal of energy. So it’s no wonder we feel so awesome when our family shows an appreciation for the meals we make with love. Even if your wife isn’t big on cooking, find a way to compliment her on making sure the family eats.

2. Her body is banging

Whether she’s gained weight or lost it, a wife needs her husband to love where she is right now. She may be working on getting in shape and needs your encouragement as well as your praise for her current beauty. A wife should feel like she’s the most beautiful woman in the world, in her husband’s eyes.

3. Her moves are unforgettable

Women need to know their husbands desire them sexually. Most wives want the confidence that comes from knowing how to satisfy their man in a way that keeps him returning for more.

4. Her decision making is on point

No woman wants to second guess herself. A wife wants to know her spouse trusts her decisions and looks to her for guidance as well as support.

5.  Her Ability to Maintain a Happy Home is Incredible

Relationships should contribute to our joy. If we’re loving and living right, a spouse should be excited to come home. A wife who gives her marriage her all, deserves praise. A happy home doesn’t come easy, it requires work and sacrifices on her part. Wives have an amazing role. Their responsibilities are never ending and many don’t require much in return. However, whether she seeks it or not, a wife needs to know how much she means to those she loves.

Source: Blackandmarriedwithkids.com