3 Secrets Of Sexually Satisfied Women

s*x-thoughts-menHere are the top three tactics sexually fulfilled women use to keep passion alive and flowing for themselves and their man:

  1. Sexually fulfilled women schedule time for s*x. If you think that scheduling is too business-like, think twice. Without a schedule, you are not preparing yourself for lovemaking and create an undisturbed amount of time for s*xual connection. You need time to think what kind of interesting things you will do! Scheduling ‘making love time’ makes you free to be fully spontaneous during that time. When your mind is free, your body is more relaxed, and when you are relaxed you can experience more pleasure.
  2. Sexually fulfilled women stack up memories of the hottest moments of past encounters. They are able to recall them at will. There is an immediate connection between past memories and present moment. And the present moment starts getting you hot with your man. These women have been practicing this mind-heart-s*x connection because it works. They can bring these hot moments to mind any time they want to turn themselves on.
  3. Sexually fulfilled women know that body language and voice can be a great turn on and they use it consciously and creatively.

These tactics are easy to start, and can make an amazing difference in the level of passion and s*xual satisfaction in your life. The result of a sexually satisfy women is a happier, healthier and more passionate life. It’s well known that great s*x is healthy because it fulfills you emotionally, spiritually and physically. In fact, the body is flooded with happy hormones that strengthen the immune system and calm the mind. Good s*x is the greatest anti-stress!   Source: yourtango.com