Failure to approve loan will hurt Ghanaian peacekeepers – Security Analyst

Wednesday 2nd April , 2014 1:37 pm

militaryA security analyst, Prosper Nortey is predicting danger for Ghanaian troops on peacekeeping abroad after Parliament failed to approve a $300 million loan for the Military.

He noted that the inability of Parliament to approve the loan which was expected to be used to procure logistics and equipments for effective peace keeping missions in South Sudan and Mali is likely to put the lives of Ghanaian peacekeepers in possible danger.

The Ministry of Defense in February laid before Parliament, a $300 million loan loan facility for approval.

The $300 million loan agreement between Ghana and VTD Capital Plc, Russian Bank based in United Kingdom is aimed at procuring logistics and equipments for personnel of the Ghana Army for effective peace keeping missions in South Sudan and Mali.

Speaking to Citi News, Mr Nortey said the executive and Parliament must with immediately decide how to raise funds for the troops.

He explained that peacekeepers “don’t only protect people within the mission area but they also have to protect themselves and I believe they need all the resources that they can garner.”

Mr. Nortey interpreted the decision of Parliament to mean that the peacekeepers will not be able to effectively undertake the task assigned them.

“There is bound to be possible implications…we know that some of these warfares are not symmetric in nature; they are not predictable. Anything is possible and yes so the live of the peacekeepers out there are also in danger,” he stressed.

By: Efua Idan Osam/