Christian Atsu’s Vitesse Arnhem Ordered By Chelsea To Lose Games

Ghana winger Christian Atsu will not win the Dutch title with Vitesse Arnhem after Chelsea ORDERED their partner club to start LOSING games, in a series of incendiary allegations that has rocked the Eredivisie.

The English giants are facing a Dutch FA probe over the allegation which has shaken the foundation of the European League.

The Stamford Bridge outfit have used the Eredivisie side as a farm for their emerging players in recent seasons, with four Blues youngsters including Christian Atsu-currently on loan there.

But officials at the KNVB – Dutch football’s governing body – have begun an investigation after former Vitesse owner Merab Jordania made a series of incendiary allegations about the club’s relationship with Chelsea.

Jordania claimed that Vitesse had been forced to drop their Dutch title challenge under orders from “London”.

Chelsea’s owner Roman Abramovich is a business associate of Jordania’s successor, fellow Russian tycoon Alexander Chigrinsky, who took over earlier this season.

In an explosive interview, Jordania told leading Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf: “I wanted to be the champion with Vitesse, but London would ultimately not allow it.

“Having ambition is fine, but we were told Vitesse could not be in the Champions League with Chelsea.”

Vitesse were top at Christmas but have dropped to third.

Jordania added that former coach Fred Rutten quit last year because “he would never get the chance to be champion.”

Chelsea refused to comment on the allegations but are privately dismissing them as fanciful, and insisting they do want Vitesse to qualify for Europe.

The Dutch club themselves described Jordania’s allegations as “a very bad April Fools’ joke” and current Vitesse chief executive Joost De Wit has accused Jordania of threatening to cut off his fingers.

But with UEFA rules precluding two clubs with a shared owner taking part in the same competition, the KNVB announced: “In the interest of the integrity of the competition, we have asked Vitesse asked to comment on their organization and the governance of the club.

“We are seeking explanations and the KNVB and Vitesse have agreed to meet at short notice to discuss the matter. After these discussion, the Board will determine whether further investigation by the KNVB is needed.”