Chief Of Staff Stops NDC Chairman From Seeing Prez Mahama?

Alban Bagbin’s disclosure about the inability of members of the National Democratic Congress government to have access to President John Dramani Mahama appears to have been proven to be accurate, with information emerging that the party’s National Chairman was allegedly stopped from seeing the president late last week.

Credible information available to the New Statesman indicates that Chief of Staff, Prosper Douglas Bani, prevented Dr Kwabena Adjei from seeing President Mahama to discuss issues relating to national development and internal party issues.

According to our sources, upon learning about the presence of Dr Kwabena Agyei at the Flagstaff House, President Mahama allegedly directed Prosper Bani to ensure that the party chairman did not meet him.

Having known from staffers at the Flagstaff House that President Mahama was at the office, the NDC Chairman was said to be at a complete when the Chief of Staff reportedly told him that the President was not in the office.

This development, according to sources, resulted in heated exchanges between the NDC Chairman and the Chief of Staff. It took staff at the Office of the President to separate the two gentlemen before the heated argument could lead to the exchange of fisticuffs, sources at the presidency hinted the paper.

The New Statesman has learnt about a serious discontent in the NDC, especially among some key members of the party who feel the President has allowed people who are not members of the party to wield underserving power at the presidency.

There is therefore a grand agenda, among both the Ewe caucus and Fante confederacy in the party, to get rid of him as the party’s candidate for the 2016 general elections.

Already the two groups, that equally feel the Gonja Mafias have taken over the government, have decided to field candidates against President Mahama in the presidential primary leading to election 2016.

Members of the Ewe caucus intend presenting Speaker of Parliament, Edward Doe Adjaho, whilst members of the Fante confederacy are presenting Dr Ekwow Spio Garbrah as people they respectively want to lead the NDC into election 2016. This was concluded at a meeting at Kuku Hills last week.

Members of the Fante confederacy, led by tithe Ahwois, believe President Mahama’s appeal within then NDC and the nation as a whole has dwindled. This, they believe must be rectified with the introduction of a new presidential candidate if the party is to have any relevance in national discourse ahead of future elections.

The two power-players in the NDC have already made sure that the internal elections of the party, which would elect various polling station, constituency, regional and national officers return officers who are sympathetic towards their cause.