Fuel Prices Up Again

Peacefmonline.com can confirm that the National Petroleum Authority has revised upwards the prices of petroleum products with effect from today April 1, 2014.

It follows the upward adjustment of prices of fuel products by the National Petroleum Authority (NPA).

Petrol now sells at 273.00 pesewas per litre.

Kerosene has also gone up by 0.38 percent and diesel 5.28 percent.

Diesel now sells at 279.00 pesewas per litre. Premix fuel has now gone up by 4.17 percent. It is selling at 125.00 pesewas per litre.

The price of Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) went up by 4.74%

Premium – 255.00Ghp/litre to 273.00Ghp/litre, a change of 7.06%

Kerosene(local) – 260.00Ghp/litre to 261.00Ghp/litre, a change of 0.38%

Gas Oil – 265.00Ghp/litre to 279.00Ghp/litre, a change of 5.28%,

MGO (Local) – 236.00Ghp/litre to 236.00Ghp/litre, no change

RFO – 135.00Ghp/litre to 135.00Ghp/litre, no change 0.00%,

LPG – 274.00Ghp/kg to 287.00Ghp/kg, a change of 4.74%,

Premix – 120.00Ghp/litre 125.00Ghp/litre, a change of 4.17%,

Unified – 231.00Ghp/litre, 233.00Ghp/litre, a change of 0.87%,

Kero Mines – 262.00Ghp/litre, 274.00Ghp/litre, a change of 4.58%,

Gasoil Mines/Rig – 328.00Ghp/litre, 329.00Ghp/litre, a change 0.30%