6 Best Ideas to Deal with Unwanted Wedding Gifts

If you are getting married, chances are that you will likely find yourself with many extra or unwanted gifts, especially if you have a long guest list. After all, what will you do with two mixers or five wall clocks? The usual way to deal with such gifts is to pass them on. Rewrap them, and hand them over to someone else at the next event that you will be attending. But, isin’t that a clichéd way to deal with the unwanted gifts? Or, can you stuff them inside your cupboards, where they will take up valuable space.
If you want to know of some innovative ways to dispose off your unwanted wedding gifts, then you are certainly in the right page. Read on to know what all you can do with these unwanted wedding gifts.

#1. Budget-friendly Home Makeover
You will undoubtedly receive numerous sarees, assorted garments or bed sheets as wedding gifts, not to mention more knick-knacks and decorative items. So, how do you dispose off the ones that you do not like? You can use them to interesting curtains or cushion covers for your new home. These bright colours would brighten up your home, making it seem light and airy. This will not only be a colourful way to use them, but also give your new home a budget-friendly makeover. Change the cushions and curtains whenever any guests are coming over, to surprise them with your unique decorating sense.

#2. Dashing Decor Ideas
If you have received single furniture pieces or lampshades that do not go with the colour and decor theme of your home, then do not despair. You can always use them to create a cosy nook in the balcony or terrace of your house. Do not worry if all the pieces do not match– after all, that will be part of their kitschy charm!

#3. Collect Spares
After the wedding, do you find yourself with two food processors? No problem! Start using one, and pack the other one to be used when the first one gives out. Do you have multiple sets of crockery? You may think it is a hassle now, but it is really a boon in disguise. Imagine what would you do if you have a huge party at your home, or if your favourite bone china dish gets broken? Now you have a spare ready at hand. Hassle turns into convenience, right?

#4. Fashion Forward Ideas
If you have received tons of clothes, you do not necessarily have to start getting rid of them. You can hang on to all those sarees and dress materials even though you think you will never wear them. You can always use some mixed and matched pieces to create a garment that you would like. You can convert the saree into a suit or a kurti that you can wear while at home with the help of your tailor. Sounds simple, right?

#5. Give it up!
Gather all the unwanted gifts together, and call all your close friends and family over to view them, like an exhibition. Who ever sees an item that they need or like, can take it away for free. It is simple, and less hassle-free than waiting for a wedding or some event to come. This way someone whoever needs something, gets it. They will not only enjoy the gift, but also remember you for it always. Just make sure that you don’t keep the gifts from those whom you invite, on

#5. Charity Begins at Home
If you have a real surplus of goods that you do not know what do with, then give them to your household help. They will appreciate anything, from a simple wall clock to a crockery set, which you do not have space to put up in your own home. If you have more things left, you can always contact some charitable organisation to take them off your hands. Items, like clothes and utensils can be used by those in need.

#6. Sell It Online
We kept this for the last, because we know you might think of it as ‘cheap’. Isin’t rewrapping it and handing it over at someone else’s wedding “cheap” as well. At least by selling it, the unused gift will reach someone who definitely needs it. These days, there are many websites that can help you to sell off old and unused items. So, use one of these to post an ad about the spare cooking utensils or the extra bedsheets, and sell them off. If you still feel it is a “cheap” trick, just donate the money you make to charity. Sounds like a win-win situation, right?

Source: Bollywoodshaadis.com