Our Machines, Workers Are Tired – ECG

The Electricity Company of Ghana, ECG, has apologized to the family of a 4 year old boy who was electrocuted at Bantama Congo junction a forthright ago.

The deceased, Kwaku Yeboah, was electrocuted after holding a life cable attached to an electricity pole, few minutes after ECG officials worked on the pole.

The deceased held the cable minutes after power had been restored after a three-day blackout. The Family accused the ECG of negligence and threatened to take legal action against the company. But the ECG says the incident was a mere accident. Regional Communications Manager for the ECG, Erasmus Baidoo, told Ultimate Radio the company has reached an amicable settlement with the family.

“That case was very pathetic and unfortunate. Unfortunate in the sense that, a life was lost; a 4 year old boy for that matter. As soon as it happened we sent a team to go and find out what really happened and report. At that time there was no power in that area so we sent another team to go and work on it for us to be able supply power to the area. After restoring supply, we made efforts to locate the family and went there to sympathize with them and also we have shown some concern and also shown some level of responsibility and expressed our condolences to the family”.

“We had a very fruitful collaboration with them. For now I am not aware of any legal action against us. It’s purely accidental and that we don’t wish for anything of that sort to happen to anyone.

The company is however asking people to desist from holding floppy cables.

“Sometimes when it rains, you see everything coming down. And unfortunately you have people who are not afraid of it. Let me use this opportunity to tell people that when you see a line falling; don’t make any patriotic attempt to save the line. If possible move away from it. Don’t ever touch it and if there is any metal nearby don’t attempt to use the metal to push it elsewhere”.

“Because the moment you use the metal to touch it, the power will be transformed from the line through the metal to electrocute you. You may not have touched the line, but the moment you use the metal, electricity will through the line to you. So I am appealing to people that generally let as be careful and that we should not play with such gadgets” he advised.