Intelligent People Will Not Listen To Bawumia – Kofi Wayo

While NPP members and supporters are applauding Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia for the speech he delivered on the economy three days ago, Mr. Kofi Wayo, Founder and Leader of the United Renaissance Party (URP) says no intelligent person will listen to the kind of analysis Dr. Bawumia made during his representation.

Speaking in an interview on ‘Radio Gold’, Mr. Kofi Wayo said he turned in to listen to Dr. Bawumia’s speech but could only do so for five minutes because what Bawumia was saying did not make sense.

According to the hard-hitting politician, Dr. Bawumia has not got the capacity to do a proper analysis of the economy of Ghana nor does he have the moral right to do so. He said Bawumia’s supervision of the re-denomination of the cedi in 2007 in his capacity as Deputy Governor of the Bank of Ghana shows he has not got the capacity to properly analyze the economy or hold himself as an economist.

In 2012, after Dr. Bawumia’s analysis of the economy at the Ferdinard Ayim lectures, Kofi Wayo said after listening to the former Deputy Governor of Ghana, he came to the conclusion that his speech is designed for six months old babies.

“It is like listening to a six-month old baby babbling. Unless you are not intelligent, then you can listen to that crap,” he said in that interview.